Nation to Nation Update February 11th 2018

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We are just now returning from Pine Ridge and this weekend’s average weather has been 4 below zero. On our way to Reservation from Alliance to Wanblee it was mostly a one lane road and blizzard conditions . Prior to the trip and with prayerful consideration, we felt God’s leading to have Bible study no matter the weather. God has given me a return to good health. I was not sure how many would come to the Bible study as the black ice was everywhere. This weekend made me think and experienced a feeling of a winter I experienced years ago in the Ararat mountains of eastern Turkey. We pray for the Bible study all the time,however a little more intensely this time this is God’s Bible study and his will be done. Nine people were in attendance the subject matter was ” What the  Bible says about prayer, a good lesson for this pastor !

We also proceeded with the visitation and prayers with some very sick and terminally ill Lakota people. A Please pray for these Lakota people of Wanblee ,SD.

Before the blizzard hit this week, a good friend of ours, Eli Poor Bear and members of the High Horse family clan did some preparatory work of cutting down some trees on the site of the new, to be constructed church warehouse and small apartment for ministry operations the new firewood was given to several elderly people, just in the nick of time the firewood was planned in advance;. But the storm was not. We gave out several Giant Print King James Bibles.

King James Bibles.

Thank you for your continued prayers . If the Holy Spirit directs you to help support us financially please visit our

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Many thanks to all of the helpers who work tirelessly for our food program and also to be those persons within Grave Community Church and Harvest Bible Chapel. As the late ,Jerry Falwell used to say ” You folks are true pray warriors and champions for Christ.” God  bless you in all things .

Through Christ,

Pastor Dennis & Leala Carlin

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