Pine Ridge Visit January 23-25

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The latest trip to the Pine Ridge reservation was on January 23-25. They took up all the food they had and it was a good thing they did, many people had no food at all, and several had only one days worth of food before they ran out.

As we shared in our Call for Donations post, Because of the food stamp cutbacks folks are not able to buy enough food to last the entire month. In the words of Pastor Dennis,

…One gentleman in particular asked if he could have something to eat right there on the spot as he had not eaten for 2 days. I would note that we were not aware of this until after he had voluntarily worked for us unloading food from the truck. We had little we could give him that did not need to be prepared but we gave him some Girl Scout cookies and a few rice crispy bars that had been given to us.


The people are suffering from the severe bitter cold winter weather, government cutbacks, and poor transportation. Please pray for Nation to Nation and the Lakota people.

Editor’s Note:

You’ll see the 5-day forecast has temperatures at or below freezing. Many folks on the reservation have no heat in their homes, or homes that don’t hold heat well.  Many do not have electricity.  Think about your own home during winter weather, and what you would do if the furnace didn’t turn on “on demand” to warm your children on cold winter days.  Even the smallest donation added to another small donation can go a long way!

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