Pine Ridge Visit – December 14, 2013

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The trip to the Pine Ridge on the weekend of December 14th was not as happy an occasion as it could have been. A grieving family came to church with the tragic story that their 21 year old son’s car had broken down in the bitter cold and he had gotten out to walk to help, having no cell phone. He was located the next day having died of hypothermia along the road. They were given 3 turkeys for the wake and funeral. Pastor Dennis spent a lot of time ministering to the family.

On a happier note, On Saturday approximately 70 turkeys and hams were given to families. They were donated by members of Loveland Bible Church, individual members of Gideon International and friends of the ministry throughout Colorado. One family said they had been praying for something as they had absolutely no food. Thank you to all who contributed to this effort and for being an answer to the prayers for food to these Lakota people.

Lots of toys were given to the children and there were enough so that every child got a toy. They also got a small sack of candy and an apple or orange. Fresh fruit is highly prized.
The Veteran’s Dinner the Friday before was a huge success with approximately 40 Vets in attendance and after a devotional a ham and vegetable and bean soup dinner was served.

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