Pine Ridge Update March 2-4, 2014

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Our last trip to the Pine Ridge was on March 2,3, & 4. The weather was bitterly cold (-9) and many of the roads were impassable in the Northern most areas of the reservation. This is very distressing because we can’t get to many of the folks that need food during these times. We did get to see Lillie May Red Eagle the 94 year old WWII Vet we have talked about in previous posts. We were able to take her the twin mattress she needed so badly and some food. She told us during our visit that her father rode with Buffalo Bill. She is wonderful to visit with and always interesting. And, as with all Lakota, known for her hospitality.

church services.png

Our usual Veteran’s dinner and devotional was just as popular as always. We love serving our Veterans and their families, although how so many managed to come is always a surprise especially since that evening brought -30 temps with the wind chill.

Church service attendance was down just a little, about 35, mostly due to the bitterly cold weather.

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