Pine Ridge Update 3/3/2014

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The weather was extremely wet, muddy and snowed constantly on our last trip to the reservation February 14 – 16 – but we arrived safe and returned home safely.

We delivered food to every family that we knew of that was in need.  We managed to distribute 800 pounds of meat, 300 pounds of dry goods, and approximately 200 loaves of bread to the most needy.

We were privileged to meet a woman 94 years old and a Veteran of WWII. She is very bright and energetic and is looked in on often by her children and grandchildren. She is very poor and in serious need of 2 twin beds which we do not have to give her. Hopefully we will be able to get them by our next visit as she now sleeps on the floor. She presently burns wood to heat her home that her grandson cuts and takes to her.

Our Friday night Veteran’s devotion was attended by about 30 Veterans, with David Brings Plenty providing the music. We had about 300 loaves of bread to give the Vets.


The Sioux City, SD food bank, where we purchase food, said that from that time on they will be getting very little meat. We now need to find new sources to provide us with meat which is so very important for the Lakota diet to prevent diabetes.

One last thing to add, Harry Young a Lakota and very experienced mechanic was looking at our trailer and notice that a wheel bearing was ready to go out. He immediately left for his tools and parts came back and fixed it right where it sat. Spontaneously jumping in to help is so typical of the Lakota and we are very grateful to Harry, he saved us tons of headaches going down the road.


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