Nation to Nation Update – March 2014

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On our last trip to the reservation at the end of May we had a good trip even with the cold weather. Buffy Yankton asked if she could teach Sunday School and the children were totally into the idea and asked that we continue to hold Sunday School classes for them. We will need to round up some materials for the children as we are not yet set up very well for having Sunday school classes. This is just another good example of how the little “Lakota Wiconi Oyate Otipi “(the Lakota Peoples House of Worship) is growing every week.

We were able to take enough meat for each family at the church service on Sunday to have about 4 pounds of meat. We had about 150 pounds of food for a “give-a-way” at KILI radio after the radio devotional program along with some linens, household goods, lamb sausage and salmon steaks.

As we mentioned in an earlier update we have been given a cow to be processed into hamburger for the food bank. In addition; we received a deer for processing that was hit by a car. I may have told you earlier that we are on a list now with the Department of Wildlife to receive injured animals. As it happens it was our turn to receive an animal. The Lakota are especially fond of venison.

On a home visit we took communion to Lillie May Red Eagle our wonderful 94 year old WWII Veteran. She was very honored to receive us as a guest and to receive communion.

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