Spring Initiatives at Pine Ridge

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We are gearing up for Spring on the Pine Ridge! We will be working with Native American Veterans to establish a “pay it forward” program with chickens (for a start). Veterans must be willing and capable of caring for the chicks and then commit to their care all the way through adulthood or chickenhood in this case.


We have ordered the chicks and the chicken coops have been built. This is an opportunity for the Lakota to provide for themselves with meat and eggs. Our hope is that they will be used for breeding as well, so they can be given to other veterans and their families.

We should be able to get some pictures to post when the program gets up and running. Please say a prayer of support for the veterans who have committed to be the beginning of what has the potential to improve the lives of so many people.

When this project is established and running well we hope to expand it to goats, sheep, and farm fowl such as geese and ducks.

We are appealing to veteran’s organization like the VFW and American Legion to support these fellow vets. Please contact Marge Hartman (303)859-5579, or Missionary Dennis Carlin (970)988-2927 if you would like more information about this program.

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