Project Truck Purchase

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Through very gracious donors, Nation to Nation Ministries recently purchased a 24 ft truck, to transport much needed food and supplies to the Pine Ridge People. Nation to Nation typically makes two trips to deliver the food, normally in the middle and the end of the month.

We had been using 2 to 3 Volunteers trucks and trailers to haul donated food and supplies. Now we can transport 4+ truckloads of food and much needed supplies in on trip.

The gas averaged $300 per trip per vehicle, and with 3 vehicles it adds up to $900 or more.  We can do a lot more with less cost and time overall. It will also help reduce the work load for loading and unloading the trucks and trailers. Not to mention the wear and tear on our volunteer vehicle and volunteers.

It is a 6-7 hour trip to the Pine Ridge area and we often needed at least 3 to 6 people to transport the Donation food.  We used tarps to cover the trailers and this limited us to what and how much we could take due to weather and the size of load. Each of the delivery donations needed to be broken down from one truck to the other. Weather isn’t as much as a factor either now. Our plans are to set up an Inverter on the truck so we could transport cold/Frozen items.

Our greatest need now would be Prayer above all and consistent Monthly Donations that would be used for the Gas and maintenance of this Awesome Blessing.

If you could make a Donation, any amount will help. If you cannot donate please pray for this amazing ministry and the Lakota people.


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