We Don’t Waste Partners with Nation to Nation!

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We are delighted to announce that Nation to Nation has been accepted by “We Don’t Waste” as recipients of food provided to them by the many generous companies and individuals that support their mission.

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We Don’t Waste partners with venues, caterers, restaurants, and other food purveyors in the Denver area to collect items they cannot serve or sell, then distributes them to a variety of charities in the area.  This food is restaurant grade and varies from canned vegetables to fresh protein and produce.  Many restaurants and grocery stores throw away perfectly good food each day because they get fresh in the next morning – we don’t waste capitalizes on that opportunity and picks up each day from a long list of contributors in the Denver Metro area.

As many of you know Nation to Nation’s priority is to provide food all year around to the people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. We have been fortunate to find supporters from several groups.

In the last few months when food stamps or SNAP recipients had their benefits severely cut. And most recently commodities were also reduced. With the added support of “We Don’t Waste” we will be able to reach many more with the support of proper nutrition, especially for the growing Lakota children.  With extremely high rates of heart disease and diabetes, the Federal Commodity Food Program supplies mostly inappropriate foods (high in carbohydrate and/or sugar) for the largely diabetic population of the Reservation.

To read more about the wonderful folks at “We Don’t Waste” and learn more about their mission, please check out their web site.

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2 thoughts on “We Don’t Waste Partners with Nation to Nation!

  1. Hello Nation to Nation,

    We are fellow African American Christians who saw a video on FB today about the alcoholism and despair within the Lakota tribe and our hearts are deeply saddened and touched by this. We are praying for you all and your ministry. Do you have a newsletter or updates that you all can add our Email to so, that we can have specific ways to pray for you all?

    God bless you all!

    1. Please Visit our new site and see how you like it.
      We plan on being more diligent with our posts and reply’s.
      I hope it will help us to stay in contact with you and thank You for your Prayers!

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