COVID-19 Update

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Pastor Dennis and Leala are living in Wanblee,SD on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  There was a scare with the Covid 19 virus in March. There were two people who were teachers on the Reservation that went to California for a medical test only to find out the test was canceled and returned to the Reservation and both husband and wife tested positive for the virus. They ended up in Rapid City Regional Hospital. As a result, the Reservation went on lockdown which caused roadblocks and only letting people off the Reservation for foods , medical and other essential items only. And not letting off people not living on the Reservation onto the Reservation. There is a curfew from between 10:00 am – 6:00 pm during that time you are allowed to go get your mail at the post office. If you’re on the street during other times you can be fined. All of this is scheduled to end on 4/26/2020 at 6:00pm of course that is subject to change. 

So as a result, all of the Bible studies were canceled during that time. As a ministry, we were able to purchase hand sanitizer from a distillery which we put into 4oz bottles and distributed to all of the elderly. Here in South Dakota, you cannot find any hand sanitizer at any of the stores. So this was an encouragement to all who received the 200 bottles, 

Things on the Reservation have been very different from times past. We have had food deliveries scheduled several different times and due to the extension of lockdown orders, those deliveries were all canceled. Many people in this town of Wanblee and neighboring areas are without food. We got approval and will have our new chicken coop along with a few non-perishable food items delivered on 5/1/2020 and the chicks are due on 5/5/2020. 

We will be rearranging our chapel for social distancing and hope to start a small 10person or less Bible study very shortly after the end of lockdown. The lockdown has already had three extensions so we will be waiting for the final word before settling a date. 

Everyone in the United States is going through some changes due to this COVID 19 pandemic.  We are continuing to help individuals through the fence with food and essential household goods(especially toilet paper & diapers). Please pray for us.  We could also use financial support as we have been purchasing these items from nearby (30-40 miles away ) stores. 

Any donations can be done through our website @ www.pineridgenationtonation. Org on the PayPal button or by mail at Nation to Nation Ministries 

P O Box 215, Wanblee.SD 57577

God Bless,

Pastor Dennis and Leala